Super Bowl Ads, Vintage Advertisements, and Historical Inquiry


Your students are going to come back to class on Monday with lots of opinions about the game, the half-time show, and the commercials. Why not direct that energy towards analyzing primary sources?

Vintage advertisements are a great introduction to primary source analysis because students see advertisements every day. Reviewing some of the main techniques advertisers have used for hundreds of years is a great way to transition from discussing your favorite Super Bowl commercials to doing in-depth analysis of advertisements from whatever time period you are studying in class.

Recognizing Common Themes in Advertising


Join Leisa Vaughn, Georgia Historical Society Programs Intern, in Sophia’s Schoolhouse to improve your media literacy skills. Learn how advertisers, past and present, use emotions, product positioning, and ideas of success and rewards to appeal to customers. After watching the videos below, visit the GHS website to explore the new online exhibit “From Waffle Fries…