Episode 29: Researching the Civil Rights Movement, Vertical Files


Join Georgia Historical Society Programs Intern Sarah as she researches the Civil Rights Movement. In this two-minute video, Sarah shares her experience using vertical files. Follow the link below the video to learn more about Sarah’s experience and the Savannah Protest Movement. Click here to view Sarah’s Research Journal entry for this video. In her…

Episode 28: Researching the Civil Rights Movement, Main Collection


Join Georgia Historical Society Programs Intern Sarah as she researches the Civil Rights Movement. In this three-minute video, Sarah begins her research using online tools and the GHS main collection. Visit schoolhouse.georgiahistory.com for more information about Sarah’s experience and the Civil Rights Movement in Savannah. Follow the link below the video to see the results…

Teaching World War I: A Resource Guide

WWI Resources Featured Image

Looking for new resources to freshen up your WWI curriculum, but overwhelmed with the amount of material online? Interested in engaging your students using primary sources and local history? GHS Programs Intern Haley McKenzie is here to help with her favorite online resources from the Georgia Historical Society and other trustworthy content creators like the Library of Congress and National World War I Museum.

Super Bowl Ads, Vintage Advertisements, and Historical Inquiry

Woodville04 (82)

Your students are going to come back to class on Monday with lots of opinions about the game, the half-time show, and the commercials. Why not direct that energy towards analyzing primary sources?

Vintage advertisements are a great introduction to primary source analysis because students see advertisements every day. Reviewing some of the main techniques advertisers have used for hundreds of years is a great way to transition from discussing your favorite Super Bowl commercials to doing in-depth analysis of advertisements from whatever time period you are studying in class.

Episode 11: Dr. Torrey’s Lantern Slides


Georgia’s students, teachers, and parents are counting down the last few days before summer vacation. Soon, social media sites will be full of fun summer photos from beach vacations and lazy afternoons. Watch the latest episode of Sophia’s Schoolhouse to learn about one way people shared their vacation selfies before the internet. Visit this episodes…

Primary Source Spotlight on Progressive-Era Education Reform

Progressive School Reform Primary Source Spotlight Featured Image 4-6-2015

With the 50th anniversary of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and Georgia Milestones on teachers’ minds this month, we thought you might enjoy a primary source spotlight featuring education reform from Georgia’s past. The collection items below offer a window into progressive-era ideas about education and reform in the late 19th and early…