Recognizing Common Themes in Advertising

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Join Leisa Vaughn, Georgia Historical Society Programs Intern, in Sophia’s Schoolhouse to improve your media literacy skills. Learn how advertisers, past and present, use emotions, product positioning, and ideas of success and rewards to appeal to customers. After watching the videos below, visit the GHS website to explore the new online exhibit “From Waffle Fries…

Episode 24: Introduction to the Internet Archive


Want to learn about a website that offers free access to 8.5 million e-books, 2.2 million video clips, 2.7 audio recordings, and the 445 billion archived web pages? Watch this episode of Sophia’s Schoolhouse for an introduction to the Internet Archive. Want to learn more about where to find primary sources online? Enroll in our…

Episode 23: World Digital Library


Looking for primary sources to use in your world history courses? Look no further than the World Digital Library for primary sources from archives, museums, and cultural institutions all over the world. Watch the video below for an overview of how to find primary sources on the World Digital Library website. Want to learn more…

Three Tips for Supporting Historical Research in Your Classroom

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This post was adapted from GHS’s session at the 2015 Georgia Council for the Social Studies Conference titled Help! I’ve Been Assigned a Research Project: Supporting Historical Research in Your Classroom. ┬áPreaching to the Choir Before we get to the three tips for supporting historical research in your classroom, I want to do a little…

Episode 21: Help! I’ve Been Assigned a Research Project. Part 1, What is Historical Research?


During Georgia Archives Month, GHS will release three episodes in a series of videos called Help! I’ve Been Assigned a Research Project.This video series is designed to help guide students through the process of completing historical research. Dive into history with our first episode in the series to find out what deep-sea treasure hunting and…

Episode 012: How to Read and Learn from Maps


Discover how to read and learn from historical maps with guest host Erica Carter on this episode of Sophia’s Schoolhouse. You will learn about map symbols, cardinal directions, and the history of cartography. Explore the links posted below the video for more resources on maps. Additonal Map Resources: National Parks WebRangers Activity: Reading a Map…